Lela and Co.

15 Sep , 2015  

“This isn’t a story anyone wants to hear,” Ian says to the soldier in Blasted when he describes a particularly brutal mutilation of a woman. It has been twenty years since Sarah Kane’s debut play about gin-soaked journalist Ian who rapes his teenager lover Cate confounded its audience with a startlingly stark vision of human […]


Edinburgh Fringe

All Kinds of Magic

3 Aug , 2015  

A small feather flutters from Robert Jägerhorn’s hands. I think he has just set free a caged bird I’ve seen him draw on a deck of playing cards with a sharpie just seconds before. I can’t be too sure though, because the moment is gone. All I’m left with is a content feeling of awe […]



Podcast, ahoy!

26 May , 2015  

If like me you love peppering party conversations with QI sciolism until people start offering to drive you home, you probably know that bit about Alexander Graham Bell and the word “Ahoy!” “Ahoy!” was apparently the first word that was ever uttered over a phone line. As much as I wished that this word would be reinstated as […]

Critics in Dialogue

John Gabriel Borkman

26 May , 2015  

Rebecca Jacobson and I sat down with theatre blogger and academic Holger Syme to discuss Karin Henkel’s production of “John Gabriel Borkman”. We talk about Ibsen’s play and discuss masks, music and monstrous physicality.   John Gabriel Borkman by Henrik Ibsen directed by Karin Henkel, Design: Katrin Nottrodt, costumes: Nina von Mechow, music: Arvild J. Baud, lighting: Annette […]

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