Bat Boy

24 Feb , 2015  

What makes something a monster? A small town in America finds an unlikely creature in its midst when, after an attack, a wild boy is dragged from the cave he grew up in and brought into the town to be put down by the local vet, Dr. Parker. Edgar is a cross-species creature somewhere between […]

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Mush and Me

7 Dec , 2014  

Muslim boy meets Jewish girl. Mush is loud. Gabrielle is clever. She’s too good for that job in the call centre. He’s cocky. She’s intrigued. And why wouldn’t she be interested in someone who teases her with charming lines such as “Don’t take the piss out of my prophet, you slag”? Actually, I meant, why […]

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Theatre Uncut 2014

7 Dec , 2014  

I consume politics like I consume food. On a regular basis and in any format I like. I like my eggs scrambled and my reading in the form of mildly outraged Guardian articles from a carefully curated Twitter stream. There I can exchange snarky comments with other like-minded people and if someone threatens my belief […]

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Critics in Dialogue

The World Mouse Plague

24 Oct , 2014  

Annegret: A post-structuralist walks into a theatre, picks up the flyer for Ridiculusmus’ new piece, studies it and then leaves again. He only watches plays by dead authors. Seriously though, can we talk meta? Your review mentions “meta-theatrical narrative and structure”, “feedback loops” and “meta-layers”? I think Catherine Love had a point in her look at the […]

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