Visual Monsterisation Strategies

21 Oct , 2017  

clinton monster

Monsters thrive in the messy swamps of pop culture. They live in the fertile space where classic literary narratives and traditional aesthetic norms are blown apart by visual strategies born at the crossroads between political turmoil and contemporary taste. The particularly adversarial climate of the current American Presidential election campaign proves that monsters are nourished […]

Critics in Dialogue


2 May , 2019  


All the dialogues and critical discussions on Exeunt and other sites that I’ve contributed to. January 2019: The Exeunt staff discusses its favourite 2018 shows. September 2018: A dialogue review with Dr Emilie Oléron Evans about The Lesson at the Hope Theatre. November 2017: A discussion with Leila Essa and Doriane Zerka about the European theatre […]


Frankenstein at Battersea Arts Centre

13 Mar , 2019  

I press the inside of my palm onto my throat, thumb resting on my jaw bone. The tongue in my mouth, sticky and heavy, presses against my front teeth. A heartbeat against the heel of my hand. I begin to hum. These vibrations. This is my voice. I rip it out. As I dig my […]


The Lesson at The Hope Theatre

9 Jan , 2019  

A new academic year is upon us and across the country swathes of new university students are settling into halls and grappling with their long reading lists. As freshers flu makes the round these first weeks, the Hope Theatre in London presents Eugene Ionesco’s théâtre de l’absurde piece The Lesson and offers a chilling take on that often most […]


Changing the Climate

11 Oct , 2018  

Good news! It seems as if the dystopian scenario of all our theatres going dark will be averted. We are not home and dry yet but the industry is hopeful. The European Commission had proposed to ban the sale and import of a whole range of industry-standard theatre lighting fixtures from September 2020 onwards. Now, following an […]