Journey’s End at Greenwich Theatre

15 Feb , 2013  

Journey's End at Greenwich Theatre

Set in a British infantry dugout in the World War I trenches, Journey’s End centres around young Captain Stanhope and his officers who are all waiting for something meaningful to happen. At the Greenwich Theatre. An impending German attack provides the time frame to clearly guide the plot, but the play is much more about […]

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Not much pointless pondering: Hamlet at the Rose Theatre, Bankside

9 Feb , 2013  

Hamlet at the Rose Theatre, Bankside

The story of the young Dane contemplating how to take revenge on the uncle who has murdered his father has been done uncountable times by companies throughout the centuries. In this version by director Martin Parr, Hamlet is not given much time to pointlessly ponder his actions. At the Rose, Bankside. The story of the […]

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