A Life in the Theatre

15 Aug , 2012  

Camden Fringe, A Life in the Theatre

David Mamet’s play A Life in the Theatre is a well-observed study of mannerisms and quirks some actors develop over years of working on stage. This production is funny, but unfortunately slightly unremarkable. At Upstairs at the Gatehouse. David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre is a quirky little play. A well-observed study of mannerisms […]

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Not Awesome: The Awesome Show

29 Jul , 2012  

The Awesome Show

I know that sometimes experiments simply can go wrong and that audiences may remain unresponsive. I am more than ready to see past those weaknesses if there is a brave idea at the heart of the performance. But Wish Experience’s The Awesome Show, however, had a disconcertingly lewd and witless vacuum in the place where […]



Vieux Carré

15 Jul , 2012  

Tennessee Williams' Vieux Carré

Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carré is, like many of his late works, an odd play. Written in 1978 it defies not only conventions of genre but offers a poetic richness of characterisation that is rarely to be found in a theatre these days. In a dilapidated New Orleans house surrounding an old court yard the confused […]

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Valli of Music: Jersey Boys

10 Jul , 2012  

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys tells the remarkable story of the rise to fame of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. From their humble beginnings in a blue-collar neighbourhood in Newark, New Jersey, to their acceptance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the band has contributed countless influential songs to the popular musical canon. At the […]

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