All the dialogues and critical discussions on Exeunt and other sites that I’ve contributed to.

January 2019: The Exeunt staff discusses its favourite 2018 shows.

September 2018: A dialogue review with Dr Emilie Oléron Evans about The Lesson at the Hope Theatre.

November 2017: A discussion with Leila Essa and Doriane Zerka about the European theatre festival Voila.

May 2017: Long Theatertreffen Dialogue with Lee Anderson in which we talk about 89/90, Three Easy Pieces und Die Borderline Prozession

January 2016: New Mourning
Exeunt contributors think about how the internet has changed our experience of collective, and individual, mourning.

December 2015: The Top 10 of 2015

July 2015: The Invisible by Rebecca Lenkiewicz
A Dialogue review with Legal Aid lawyer Jeinsen Lam

June 2015: #completeworks
Live-written responses to Forced Entertainment’s Table Top Shakespeare.

May 2015: The State by Alexander Manuiloff
A Dialogue review with Rebecca Jacobson for Theatertreffen Blog/ExBerliner

April 2015: Kaleider’s The Money
A Dialogue review with Catherine Love.

February 2015: Keep on Burning
In 2013 the Lyric Hammersmith created The Secret Theatre Company. This weekend marks its Grand Finale. To mark the occasion Exeunt’s writers look back at the shows, the critical reception to them, the highs, the lows and the legacy.

January 2015: Buried Treasures
Exeunt’s writers dig deep into Islands, Caroline Horton’s new – and divisive – show at the Bush Theatre.

December 2014: Exeunt’s Highlights of 2014
Exeunt writers pick their personal high-points of the past theatre year.

December 2014: Oh, Pomona!
Exeunt writers attempt to unpick why it is that the Orange Tree’s production of Alistair McDowall’s Pomona has got under everyone’s skin.

November 2014: Sense of An Ending
Closing moments and after-shocks: Exeunt’s writers discuss theatre’s most powerful and affecting final scenes.

October 2014: The World Mouse Plague Dialogue with Tim Bano