Once We Lived Here at the King’s Head Theatre

1 May , 2014  

On the farm Emoh Ruo in the Australian outback Amy (Melle Stewart), the oldest of three siblings, looks after her sick mother Claire (Simone Craddock). Amy runs the place which has been plagued by a long-lasting drought on sheer force of will. She has sacrificed a lot to her determination to maintain the family home […]

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Vieux Carré

15 Jul , 2012  

Tennessee Williams' Vieux Carré

Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carré is, like many of his late works, an odd play. Written in 1978 it defies not only conventions of genre but offers a poetic richness of characterisation that is rarely to be found in a theatre these days. In a dilapidated New Orleans house surrounding an old court yard the confused […]

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