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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

25 Aug , 2018  

1987. Thatcher has been in power for eight years and Rick Astley promises he’s never going to never give us up. 1997. Seemingly overnight, Tony Blair turns the UK into a meritocracy and the Spice Girls recommend that we spice up our lives. 2007. The Great Global iPhone dictatorship begins and Britney has her breakdown. […]

Edinburgh Fringe,Reviews,Theatre

People Show 130: The Last Straw

25 Aug , 2018  

Agreed-upon conventions make communication possible. In the 1950s J.L. Austin famously explained how language is actually “performative”, that is, by saying certain things we are not just shaping streams of air flowing through our lungs, throat and mouth into sounds, we are actually physically shaping the world. Words, to put it succinctly, do. Which is […]


Nocturne, Albany

3 Jul , 2018  

Becoming-fox, a quick manual: – Keep close to the walls – Practice your sweet, sweet love-making sounds only after dusk – Stare the fuckers down The full moon shines on Deptford town square. It smells of piss and one of the two guys in the corner is chewing down on a shawarma. In front of […]


Don’t be Burr, sir: The transformative politics of Hamilton on the London stage

22 Dec , 2017  

Rachel Ann Go Hamilton

I went to Hamilton and it was pretty great. Five Stars. Admittedly, when it comes to hot takes that one right there is pretty tepid. As Matt Trueman mentions in his WhatsonStage blog, if you’ve been sentient over the last two years months, there is really no need for me to tell you just how […]