Podcast, ahoy!

If like me you love peppering party conversations with QI sciolism until people start offering to drive you home, you probably know that bit about Alexander Graham Bell and the word “Ahoy!”

“Ahoy!” was apparently the first word that was ever uttered over a phone line. As much as I wished that this word would be reinstated as a standard greeting in an array of telecommunication channels my powers don’t even suffice to craft a more than tenuous introduction to a blog post. Therefore, moving swiftly on to something less embarrassing but still audio-related. Podcasts.

For the last three months I’ve been working with Tim Bano to create a new podcast for Exeunt. The result is Pursued by a Bear (iTunes link). Every month we’ll bring you reviews, features and freeform responses to work produced nationally and internationally. Subscribe and let us know your thoughts on Twitter or via email.