Critics in Dialogue


2 May , 2019  


All the dialogues and critical discussions on Exeunt and other sites that I’ve contributed to. January 2019: The Exeunt staff discusses its favourite 2018 shows. September 2018: A dialogue review with Dr Emilie Oléron Evans about The Lesson at the Hope Theatre. November 2017: A discussion with Leila Essa and Doriane Zerka about the European theatre […]


Changing the Climate

11 Oct , 2018  

Good news! It seems as if the dystopian scenario of all our theatres going dark will be averted. We are not home and dry yet but the industry is hopeful. The European Commission had proposed to ban the sale and import of a whole range of industry-standard theatre lighting fixtures from September 2020 onwards. Now, following an […]


How did Berlin’s Volksbühne end up in a state of crisis?

4 Jun , 2018  

Brought in to shake up one of the German capital’s iconic theatres, Chris Dercon aimed to expand its remit and embrace a wider range of art forms. Following his abrupt resignation, Annegret Märten examines for The Stage why his agenda proved unpopular with artists and local residents.   Rapid change at the top of Berlin’s prestigious Volksbühne theatre has […]


Theatertreffen’s role as a barometer of German theatre

16 May , 2018  

While it is primarily a showcase for the best German-language drama, the Berlin festival is also a forum for heated industry debate. For The Stage. This May, the 55th annual Theatertreffen Berlin honours the past year’s 10 best productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, inviting them to be restaged in the German capital. Nominated by […]